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House of Pullip

A Doll Journal

2 October
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I'm Joni, a 30-something Pullip and BJD collector and this is my doll journal :D

My current Pullip (and etc.) collection stands thus:
Assa-rewigged (Shelby)
Rovam-customized (Rayna)
MJ-rewigged (Toby)
Wolf (Wolfgang)
Sage (Jonas)
Happy Birthday Namu 1 (Crispin)
Afternoon (Grace)
Papin (Oki)
Timulus (Hawk)
Paja (Shiloh)
Butler-rewigged (Ronan)
Lan Ake (Bo)
Happy Birthday Namu 2 (Nicholai)
Haute NY (Ivy)
Calfy (Moo)
Missionary-rewigged (Felix)
Mini Assa (Quin)
Prunella-rewigged (Taryn)
Dita (Avery)
Another King-rewigged (Gideon)
Puki (Emily)
Cavalie-rechipped/rewigged (Silas)
Isul Apollo-rewigged (Austin)

See little photos of my collection (also the image I use in my signature on various Pullip forums):

I also have tiny BJDs:
Lati White SP Pury (Penelope)
Lati Yellow Lumi (Bailey)
Lati Yellow Byurl (Piper)
Lati Yellow Lami (Madeline)
Lati Yellow Flower Garden Lami (Tatiana)
Dollti Dong-E Iset Tin Man (Max)
Fairyland PukiFee Ante (Reilly)
Lati White Laches (Cameron)
Lati Winter Tan Lami (Charlotte)
Fairyland RealPuki Soso (Newt)

The BJDs:

More...I'm a stay-at-home married mommy with three kids (and two dogs). When I'm not fiddling with my doll collection I like reading, watching movies, writing when I have the inspiration, and doing origami. Occasionally I also like sewing stuffed animals or doll clothes, but I really have to be in the mood to do it or it won't happen. More often than not I can be found messing around on the internet either surfing, blogging, or shopping. I maintain my own website and enjoy doing my own coding and graphics.

Visit my websites:
My Wordpress Blog--Here
My Flickr--Here
Little Joni's Dolly Shop (my Etsy store)--Here


Misc Stuff:

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