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Post Thanksgiving

So, Thanksgiving is over. It was nice, but it would have been a whole lot better if I hadn't been totally sick that day. :( Yes, I was sick! Figures. I could still enjoy the food, but I'm lucky my husband likes to cook or there would have been no celebratory meal that day, I just wasn't up to it.

I should have gone to the doctor that day, but no one is open. And really, I didn't feel like sitting in the ER waiting room for half the day just to get some antibiotics and pay through the nose. I toughed it out until Friday. First thing in the morning I went to the doctor. Ear infection. Boo. But, that explains a lot. Got the anticipated antibiotics and am now starting to feel better, not perfect, but getting there.

And that was how I spent my Thanksgiving weekend. Whoop dee doo.

In other news, I'm going to try and start my Christmas shopping this week, it all depends on how fast I start to feel well...I still tire out pretty fast. For my dolly friends, I'm going to do cards. I normally try to send out gifts but I'm not up to it this year. :( On the up side, I can give to more people with cards. I think I have most of the addresses I need, but if I bother you for yours (because there are a few people I am missing) feel free to decline if you don't feel like giving it out.

And just so this is less boring, here's a little photo:

It's Piper with her new wig. :D Yes, it's curly and a bit wild...but she is Hawk's daughter. ;)

My Pullip Story Archive

A work in progress that is nowhere near finished, please don't mind it. I put it under a cut for now to save my flist. ;)

The ArchiveCollapse )

Less Talking, More Photos!

I'm sure you've had enough of my babble (I know I have) so this will be *mostly* a doll photo post...yay!

This is Madeline, my Lati yellow Lami, and she's wearing a panda dress I commissioned from Jadeness Couture. I wanted it specifically to go with her panda shoes. ;)

A few more, plus a question...Collapse )

Dolly Stuffs!

I think I'm ready for a new doll...and get this, I'm thinking it's going to be a Pullip this time instead of a tiny BJD. Truth by told, for now I'm maxed out on tiny BJDs. I don't expect that to last but for now I have no other wants. There are a fewer newer Pullips though that have been tempting me. I haven't bought a Pullip since June 2009 (and before that that last Pullip I got was in October of 2008). :P But there are two Pullips I have my eye on and I'm seriously tempted to get both of them:

Chelsea and Tiphona

I like these two just the way they are, I wouldn't want to change their wigs or eyes, I'd just want to update their bodies to Obitsu.

Yes, seriously tempted.

But I also want a new camera lens, a really nice macro one. That's a tough one though because the lens is expensive and I don't feel like I'm a good enough photographer to justify the cost of it. I'd have to save up more for that so I couldn't get it right away anyway.

I'm also thinking I'm probably going to sell my Dals. I just don't like them as much as my other dolls and I hardly pay any attention to them. I even tried putting them on Obitsus to help and it didn't help at all. That's kind of a bummer. :\

There's a bunch of random stuff I want to sell but I've been too lazy to get it all together to sell. I really need to do that to clean out some of my stuff I never use.

Stupidest Facebook Thing Ever

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

So that means let's all get stupid?Collapse )

Hey, Check Out Ivy!

Just popping in really quick to show off Ivy's new fur wig, check it out:

The wig is actually green, very much like her stock wig's color, but for some reason it's very difficult to photograph. So it appears kind of grey-ish, but it is green in real life (a really pretty color, too). Anyway, enjoy! :D

Also, I have nothing else to add. Life is just...life (not that exciting). But I'm well, I hope you are, too. ;)

Real Life Trumps Dolls....

Sorry for my prolonged silence on LJ. I am alive, just busy. Real life is keeping me away from dolly stuff (including my sadly neglected Etsy store...which I hope to get back to as soon as I can). It also didn't help that I've been pretty sick with a sinus infection for the past week...boo! :( But I'm much, much better now so things are looking up! Now that illness is over and school is back in session for the kids I'm hoping to get back into a routine.

And just so this is all me telling you a whole lot of nothing, here's a recent doll photo to share:

Here's all of my Lati yellows. I was having a bit too much fun with them when I took this. :P


I think THIS will be my next dolly purchase (but probably just the basic, not the full package). That is too, too cute...I love it and it's a lot of fun! :D

However, after my last dolly purchase I'm going to wait a little while...yeah. ^^; Still, with Fairyland I don't have to worry about missing out on anything so it's just fine.

And Here She Is...

So, here's a quick photo of the doll I've been pining for for a long, long time. She's a Lati Yellow Winter Tan Lami, she just arrived on Friday:

I named her Charlotte. Her nickname is Little Lottie.

I originally meant to make her a blond, but that didn't really work out like I planned. The seller was to include a Tibetan wool wig that was blond. A wig did come with her, but to me it did not look blond, it looked light ginger. It's a pretty color, just not really what I wanted. Oh well. Just for the heck of it I tried Piper's wig on her but I just wasn't feeling it. Then I remembered this black Lati wig I've had lying around for a few years (it actually came with Piper but I never used it). I put in on Charlotte just for kicks and I really like it! I'm still not positive this wig will be permanent but for now I'm happy with it...she just didn't end up looking like how I planned so I'm just getting used to that. :P I do love the eyes I got for her, even though they are exactly like Bailey's (they were the only green eyes I liked that I could find).

Anyway, I hope you like her! I'm very happy with her and I'm so glad she is finally here after I've been wishing for her for so long. :D