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Old Photo Stories (part 3)

The last of my photo story archive, please ignore. These are super old with really bad photos. :P

Taking a Chance (December 6, 2006)

*Wolfgang and Roxanne are reading together as they often do, but in a somewhat tense silence...*

Roxanne: *closes book* Wolfgang?
Wolfgang: Yes?
Roxanne: Do you remember when we first met?
Wolfgang: Of course. I'll never forget it, you were so nice. Why?
Roxanne: I was just thinking about when we met and how there seemed to be an instant connection between us, don't you think so?
Wolfgang: Yes, there was...that's never happened to me before.

Roxanne: Me neither, that's why I was thinking about it. You are my best friend...I just want you to know that.
Wolfgang: You are my best friend, too.
Roxanne: And since we are so close, there is something I want to tell you.
Wolfgang: Oh...what is it?

Roxanne: *picks up her stack of letters that has been nearby* I've been getting these letters from a secret admirer.
Wolfgang: Oh...really? *squirms*
Roxanne: Yes, I have them all right here...well, except the last one, I seem to have misplaced it. These letters are some of my most treasured possessions.
Wolfgang: I see...why are you telling me this?

Roxanne: Because you're my best friend and I need help. I was hoping this person would tell me who he was, but in the last letter he said he would never reveal himself.
Wolfgang: Um...maybe he's embarrassed? *squirms more*
Roxanne: Possibly. But I'm really sad about it. I want to know who wrote these letters. I will never know what could have been if I don't find out. What do you think I should do?

Wolfgang: *long pause* I don't know what you should do, I'm sorry I'm not much help. *another long pause* Roxanne? There is something you should know...
Roxanne: What?
Wolfgang: *gulp* I...I wrote the letters.

Roxanne: I know you did.
Wolfgang: You did? But why didn't you just say so?
Roxanne: I wanted you to tell me yourself.
Wolfgang: Oh... *not sure what to say or do next*

Roxanne: Thank you for the letters. *kisses Wolfgang on the cheek*

Wolfgang: Please... *touches Roxanne's hand hesitantly* I have to know...is there even a chance we could be together?
Roxanne: Do you know why I treasure these letters? It's because I knew they were from you. So, yes. Yes, there is a chance...a good chance, don't you think?

*Wolfgang pulls Roxanne into his arms*

The Last Letter? (December 7, 2006)

Toby: Wolfgang, I need to talk to you about something.
Wolfgang: Okay.
Toby: It's about this letter you wrote to Roxanne, she...

Roxanne: Hi guys.
Toby: Hi! *hides letter behind back*
Wolfgang: Roxanne...

Roxanne: How are you?
Wolfgang: I'm so glad you are here. And you?

Roxanne: Everything is perfect.
*Wolfgang and Roxanne smile at each other*
Toby: *O_O*

Wolfgang: *turns to Toby* Sorry, what is it you were saying?
Toby: *picks jaw up off the ground* Nothing...nothing at all. I wasn't saying anything.

Toby: *hands the letter to Wolfgang* Here, you might want this back. See you guys later.
Wolfgang: Toby?
Toby: Yeah?
Wolfgang: Thanks.
Toby: Anytime. *he leaves*

Roxanne: What is that?
Wolfgang: It's that last letter I wrote to you...I wonder how Toby found it?
Roxanne: Oh...Toby happened to run into me just after I'd read it. I think I left it behind and he must have picked it up. I was a little upset.
Wolfgang: I am so sorry...
Roxanne: No, it's okay. I understand why you wrote what you did. I know now it's because you care so much. And it all worked out so it doesn't matter now.
Wolfgang: Maybe I should just throw this away?

Roxanne: *takes letter from Wolfgang* No, I want to keep it, there are some things in it I really like.
Wolfgang: Really, like what?
Roxanne: Oh, something about how you will always love me and cherish me...things like that.
Wolfgang: Oh yeah. *blush*

Roxanne: I love these letters, Wolfgang...please don't stop writing them. Will you promise me that? You can even sign your name now.
Wolfgang: I can do that. *smiles*

*Toby watches from the distance*
Toby: Okay, so maybe being a matchmaker isn't so bad...

The Spy...and Three Little Words (December 15, 2006)

*Madison and Shelby are sitting together, as friends do*

*But, unbeknownst to them, they are being watched from a distance...*

???: That's her, I know it...the Royal Princess! After all these months, I've finally found her! She is sitting over there with a red-haired human girl. But...I need to be sure it's her...

???: Oh, it's her for sure! She is wearing the Royal Talisman and she has her cat...there's no mistaking it!

???: *ducks down out of sight* And Sebastian didn't think I'd be able to find her, that troll...ha! I did better than he did, I can't wait to rub this in his face. *stifles giggle* I wonder what she is doing in an ordinary place like this? I wish I could go talk to her, but no...Sebastian will slay me...I need to go tell him I found her, he'll want to know right away. I'll get to talk to her soon enough. *Reluctanly, silently, skillfully, she sneaks away unseen*

Shelby: Are you okay, Madison? You seem distracted all of a sudden?
Madison: I got a funny feeling, as if someone I know, but haven't seen in a while, is nearby...but that's impossible...
Shelby: I don't understand...there's lots of people you know nearby...
Madison: Oh...nevermind. Don't worry about me, I'm fine. The feeling has passed. Now, what were telling me about Toby?

Shelby: Oh, I tried to talk to Toby like you suggested, and he did say he had a lot on his mind but didn't say what. I'm not really worried anymore, but I just hope he's okay. He still seems a bit distant.
Madison: I'm sure it's nothing. When he's ready, he'll tell you.
Shelby: Yeah, that's what he said.
Madison: Speaking of Toby...
Shelby: Huh?

*Toby approaches*
Toby: Shelby! I really need to talk to you...now...alone. Please, it's important. Oh, uh, sorry Madison...I hope you don't mind.
Madison: Not at all. Go on, Shelby, I'll talk to you later.
*Toby takes Shelby by the hand and they leave*

Madison: *sigh* Those two... *smiles knowingly to herself*

*After Toby has pulled Shelby off for some distance...*
Shelby: *out of breath* Toby, what is going on? Is everything okay?
Toby: Remember when you said I could tell you anything? Well, I really need to tell you something...now...before I explode.
Shelby: *slightly worried* Okay...
Toby: But first...

*Toby suddenly embraces Shelby and gives her a long passionate kiss*

Shelby: *slightly breathless* Oh my! What was that all about? Not that I'm complaining, but you don't usually act like this...
Toby: That was part of what I needed to tell you, but there's more.
Shelby: There's more?
Toby: Yes...Shelby, I need you to know... *deep breath* ...I love you.

Shelby: *speechless*
Toby: Please say something.
Shelby: Wait...this is what's been bothering you all this time?
Toby: *rambles long* Yes! I've wanted to tell you for so long, but I wasn't sure it was the right thing to say or if it was how I really felt, but I've thought about this for a long time...probably too long. I know now it's love...real love...I just can't tell you in any other way how much you mean to me...I'm sorry I've been acting so strange lately, but it's only because I didn't know how to tell you or how you would react or if you even loved me back but I had to tell you before I went crazy...

Shelby: *places her hand over his mouth to stop his rambling* Toby, shush. There's something I need to tell you...I love you, too.

Toby: You do? I mean you really do love me?
Shelby: Of course. *getting slightly emotional* You're the best thing that has ever happened to me.

*Much hugging, kissing, and etc. etc. follows...you get the point*

Boyfriend on the Edge (December 21, 2006)

Rayna: I'm really sorry, Alex. I didn't mean to get angry with you. This book is very important to me, but it is also really frustrating and I took it out on you. Please forgive me!
Alex: Hey, it's okay.
Rayna: Are you sure?
Alex: I'm sure...I really just want to help.

Rayna: I know, I'll remember next time and not get angry again. I really do appreciate your help while I'm working, it means a lot to me.
Alex: And on that note, why don't I let you get back to work? I'll leave you alone in this nice quiet spot. You should be able to write in peace here, I'll check in on you later.

Alex: *gives Rayna a hug*
Rayna: Thank you, you are very thoughtful, I don't deserve it.
Alex: Sure you do.

Rayna: I promise not to work all day, in a few hours we can do something fun together.
Alex: Sounds great! Enjoy your work now.

*Alex leaves*
Rayna: *sigh* I need to try and keep my temper. Well, I'd better get to work. *write, write, write...*

A little while later...

*Jonas appears*
Rayna: *looks up* Well, hi there!
Jonas: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. I was told this was a quiet place to work but I can see it's already in use.
Rayna: There's no reason we both can't work here. Please, sit down.
Jonas: Are you sure? I don't want to distract you.
Rayna: It's not a problem.

Jonas: *sits* Thanks.
*they both work*

Rayna: *write, write, write...*
Jonas: *draw, draw, draw...*

After a while...

Rayna: May I ask what you are doing?
Jonas: Oh...yeah...I'm just drawing. The human lady gave me this chinchilla for a pet so I thought I'd try to draw him.
Rayna: He's very cute, what's his name?
Jonas: I don't know yet...

*Alex returns*
Alex: Hey, what's going on?
Rayna: Nothing's going on, Alex. I'm writing, Jonas is drawing.
Alex: You look a little too cozy to me...
Rayna: WHAT?!?
Jonas: *alarmed*

Jonas: Uh...I think I'd better leave... *gathers his things hastily*
Alex: Yeah, you do that, dude!
Rayna: Alex! Stop being rude!

*Jonas leaves*
Alex: Good riddance.
Rayna: Oh, I'm so humiliated! Alex, you should be ashamed...

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