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Old Photo Stories (part 2)

Please ignore this if you wish, I'm just finishing up an archive of my old (really old...) photo stories. The photos are pretty bad and the stories are kind of doofy, just a warning. No need to read these or even comment, like I said this is only for archival purposes. ;)

Roxanne Meets Someone New (August 26, 2006)

Roxanne: Hmmm...two wishes left...I wonder what I should wish for, now that I know it works, heh...Oh! What's that?

*Roxanne sees hamster hanging around nearby*

Roxanne: Oh, how cute! Come here little fella, I won't hurt you...you look so sweet! What are you doing out here all alone?

*Wolfgang's head pops up from below*
Roxanne: *gasp* You scared me! Who are you?
Wolfgang: Sorry. The hamster is mine.
Roxanne: Oh...you must be new! Come on, you should come and meet the others!

*Wolfgang starts to go back into hiding*

Roxanne: Wait, don't leave! What's the matter?
Wolfgang: *shrugs shoulders*
Roxanne: Oh...I get it. You're shy.
Wolfgang: *nods*
Roxanne: That's okay. There's nothing wrong with being shy. Why don't you come up from down there and sit next to me for a minute.

Roxanne: That's better. Now, what's your name?
Wolfgang: Wolfgang.
Roxanne: Wolfgang, that's a nice name and it's really nice to meet you. My name is Roxanne and guess what? I'm kind of new here, too. I was a little scared at first, but this is a nice place, you don't have anything to worry about.
Wolfgang: I'm not very good at making friends.

Roxanne: You're not as bad at it as you think, I'm your friend.
Wolfgang: *finally smiles*
Roxanne: Now will you come and meet the others? I know you will like them and they will like you. Come on!
*Roxanne takes Wolfgang's hand and leads him to meet the others

The Date (September 1, 2006)

Annike: So, tonight is the big night? You have your date with Alex, don't you?
Rayna: Yes...I've been meaning to ask you, it's okay, right? I mean, you did go out with him first...
Annike: Don't give it another thought, I'm fine with it! Alex and I didn't really hit it off in that way, if you know what I mean...but I hope you do.
Rayna: *blush* Thanks!
Annike: Don't you need to change your clothes and get ready?
Rayna: I am ready.
Annike: Oh...

Rayna: Why, what's wrong?
Annike: Well, he's taking you to dinner, right? I think it would be better if you just dressed up a little more. How about this pretty blue dress, or even this red one? They would both look great on you.
Rayna: Thanks, but I think what I'm wearing is just fine. It's comfortable and I like it.

Annike: But the pinks are all different shades and don't really match.
Rayna: Do you think Alex will notice something like that? Really, if he minds so much what I'm wearing then he's probably not worth it.
Annike: If you say so, but I still think you should dress up a bit more and really impress him!
Rayna: Thanks, but no thanks. I feel more like myself like this.


Toby: So, tonight's the night...your big date with Rayna. I'm glad it's finally here, I'm getting tired of listening to your go on about it.
Alex: Heh, I guess I'm excited, I can't help it. Thanks for letting me borrow your suit, by the way, it looks nice. How do I look?

Toby: You'd look better if you put the tie on.
Alex: No way, dude! I already told you, I'm not wearing the tie! I don't want to choke during dinner.
Toby: But wearing a tie looks classy, don't you want to impress her?
Alex: She used to be a pirate, I don't think I need to wear a tie to impress her.

Toby: I'm telling you, girls like a well dressed man and a tie makes you look sharp.
Alex: I'm not wearing it and that's final.
Toby: But...
Alex: Shut up, here she comes.
Toby: *sigh*

Alex: Rayna, hi!
Rayna: Hi, it's good to see you, you look nice.
Alex: Thanks! You look very pretty, too.
Rayna: Thank you.

Alex: Shall we go then? *offers arm*
Rayna: Yes! *takes arm

*Annike and Toby watch them leave*
Annike: I told her she should dress up more...
Toby: I told Alex the same thing...what do they know?
Annike: Nothing. *sigh*

Meanwhile, on their way out to dinner...

Alex: I need to tell you again how nice you look. Really, you look so pretty!
Rayna: Thank you...Annike wanted me to dress up more, you know, in a fancy dress or something. But I feel comfortable in this, I'm glad you like it.
Alex: Yeah, Toby wanted me to wear a tie.
Rayna: Ties are stuffy, you look handsome just the way you are.
Alex: Thanks! What do Annike and Toby know anyway?
Rayna: Nothing, they know nothing at all... *laughs*

Wolfgang Meets the Gang and Other Happenings (part 1 of 3) (September 6, 2006)

Annike: Oh look, a new boy!
Roxanne: Hey, everyone, I want you to meet someone new around here, his name is Wolfgang.
All: Hi!

Wolfgang (shyly): Hi.
Roxanne: Where is everybody else? I wanted to introduce Wolfgang to the whole group.
Annike: Rayna and Shelby are over there... *points in one direction* ...and Alex and Toby are over there... *points in another direction
Roxanne: Thanks, come on Wolfgang, I'll take you to meet them! Wolfgang: Okay.


Shelby: What did you want to talk to me about?
Rayna: Well, you're the only one around here with an actual boyfriend so I just wanted some advice.
Shelby: You mean, Alex and you aren't...you know...?
Rayna: I don't think so...that's what I'm not sure about. I'm so new at this kind of thing, to be honest I really don't know what I'm doing.
Shelby: I see. You've never gone out with anyone before?
Rayna: Never. There really aren't many oppurtunities for love when you live on a pirate ship.
Shelby: I hadn't thought of that, but it makes perfect sense.

Rayna: So...what do I do now? I mean, Alex and I went out on a date and I really like him but...
Shelby: But, what?
Rayna: How do I know if he likes me?
Shelby: If you are asking me to explain guys then you're asking the wrong person! If I knew how to explain how they think and why I could make a fortune writing books.
Rayna: *sigh* I guess I'll just have to muddle through then...
Shelby: Just like everyone else, that's part of the fun...and frustration.

Rayna: But...
Shelby: No buts! Relax...let things happen as they happen, don't rush. And most important, you've got to have confidence in yourself.
Rayna: Okay...I'll try to relax. But it's hard!
Shelby: I know it is, but he'll make his feelings known soon enough, just give it time.

Roxanne: Hey you two, this is Wolfgang, he's new here.
Shelby: Hi, nice to meet you!
Rayna: Hi!
Wolfgang (shyly): Hi.
Roxanne: I'm going to take him over to meet the boys, we haven't seen them yet.
Shelby: Have fun, tell Toby I said hi.


Toby: I've been meaning to ask you, how was your date?
Alex: It was really fun, I think I really like Rayna.
Toby: Have you told her that yet?
Alex: Well...no...

Toby: Did you hold her hand?
Alex: Um...no.
Toby: Did you kiss her?
Alex: No dude, it was the first date!
Toby: You don't usually hesitate like this, what's the problem?
Alex: I didn't want to rush in this time without thinking. Besides, I already hurt her feelings once, I don't want to do it again.
Toby: That's very considerate...but don't go too slow or she'll think you don't care.

Roxanne: Hey guys, meet Wolfgang, he's new. Wolfgang, this is Toby right here and over there is Alex, he's my twin brother.
Toby: Alright, a new guy! Nice to meet you.
Alex: Hey, dude. Welcome to the house. Listen, I'd like to stay and chat, but there's something I need to go do. We'll talk later Wolfgang, but it is nice to meet you...sorry to run off.
Wolfgang: That's okay.

Alex: Later, dude...and thanks.
Toby: No problem. Good luck!

Toby: So, Wolfgang, tell me about yourself.
Wolfgang: Um...there's not much to tell.
Toby: I doubt that, everyone has a lot more to tell then they usually want to admit. When you feel like telling me you can, there's no hurry.
Roxanne: Wolfgang, I've been meaning to ask you, where are your glasses?
Wolfgang: Oh...they broke.
Roxanne: Oh dear, can you see okay?
Wolfgang: I put my contacts in, but I don't like them...I like my glasses better.
Toby: We'll have to see about getting them fixed. Has Roxanne shown you around inside yet?
Wolfgang: Not yet.
Toby: Then let's go together, if that's okay.
Roxanne: sounds good to me, come on!

Back with Shelby and Rayna...

Rayna: But Shelby, you and Toby click so well. You two make all this love stuff look so easy!
Shelby: Toby's a special case. Believe, it's never been this easy for me until now. I feel very lucky.
Rayna: Do you love him?
Shelby: Love is a very strong word and feeling...I'm not ready to decide that yet. See, I don't rush! One day at a time, that's my motto.
Rayna: Okay. Thanks, Shelby...I didn't know who else to talk to, but I'm glad I decided to confide in you. I feel better now.
Shelby: Look, here comes Alex...

Alex: Hey, what's up?
Shelby: Nothing. We're just talking.
Alex: Rayna...um...will you take a walk with me?
Rayna (glances quickly at Shelby): I'd love to.
Shelby (gives Rayna a quick thumbs up): Have fun!
Alex: Thanks, come on Rayna...

The Second Wish (part 2 of 3) (September 6, 2006)

Roxanne: So, what do you think? Now that you've met everyone and seen the place, do you think you will like it here?
Wolfgang: Yes, everyone seems really nice.
Roxanne: Oh, you have a mouse and a hamster, how cute!
Wolfgang: Yes, the hamster is Thomas and the mouse is Albert.
Roxanne: You're lucky to have real pets. I have this bear, and it's a very special bear that Paige gave me, but it's not a living pet.
Wolfgang: I like your bear.

Roxanne: Wolfgang, can I ask you something?
Wolfgang: Sure.
Roxanne: Why do you always hide your right hand?
Wolfgang: I don't hide it.
Roxanne: Sure you do, you're doing it now. And you were hiding it the whole time I was introducing you to people. Is something the matter.
Wolfgang: I don't like people to see my hand.
Roxanne: Why not?

Wolfgang: Because people either make fun of it or they can't stop staring. *shows his hand*
Roxanne: I don't see that anything is wrong with it...
Wolfgang: It's another left hand...on my right arm. I was born like that.
Roxanne: Oh...I see now.
Wolfgang: I guess I do hide it. Sometimes behind my back, or in my pocket, or I pull the sleeve of my shirt over it...I just get tired of questions and staring.

Roxanne: *takes his hand to show she's not bothered by it* Everyone is really nice here, nobody will make fun of you, I promise.
Wolfgang: That's probably true, but I still hide it out of habit. I never know how people will react. I like to try and make friends first and then spring the hand on them later...if at all.

Wolfgang: I just wish my hands were normal. I can't really even use my right one, it's very awkward.
Roxanne (without thinking): I wish your hands were normal, too. Because I can tell it would make you happy.

Wolfgang: Ah!
Roxanne: *gasp*
Thomas and Albert: Squeal! *runs away*

Roxanne: Are you okay?
Wolfgang: Oh, my head...what happened?
Roxanne: I...don't know...

Wolfgang: My hands! Look at them...they are normal!
Roxanne: Oh...my...
Wolfgang: How did you do that?
Roxanne: What makes you think I had anything to do with it?

Wolfgang: Roxanne, I'm not stupid...I know you had something to do with it.
Roxanne: I didn't mean to, really it was an accident!
Wolfgang: Are you a wizard or something?
Roxanne: No, really, I'm not. I can't tell you how it happened. It was me, but I dind't mean to...I'm sorry! Please don't be mad...

Wolfgang: Roxanne, I'm not mad...it just caught me by surprise. It seems to have surprised you as well.
Roxanne: I'm sorry...
Wolfgang: Don't be sorry. Really, I'm glad. You don't know how long I've wished my hands were this way, and now they are!
Roxanne: I'm relieved to hear you say that...because I don't think I can reverse it anyway.
Wolfgang: No! Don't reverse it. I want them just this way. Thank you...really, it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.
Roxanne: You're welcome. Come one, lets go fix your hair.

A Pirate's Tale (part 3 of 3) (September 6, 2006)

Alex: I had fun on our date, would you like to go out again sometime?
Rayna: Yes I would. *smiles*
Alex: Will you tell me more pirate stories? I love hearing them.
Rayna: Um...Alex? There is something you should know. I really wasn't a very good pirate. I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me.
Alex: What do you mean?

Rayna: I had some great times being a pirate, but it wasn't all that great. We did things I'm not proud of...I'll tell you why I stopped being a pirate if you want.
Alex: Yes, please tell me.
Rayna: I've never told anyone here this story, but here goes. As pirates, we sometimes did bad things. I mean, we didn't steal or kill people or anything like that, but sometimes we smuggled stuff.
Alex: What kind of stuff?
Rayna: Nothing bad like drugs or weapons. No, mostly it was food or medical supplies, stuff like that. There are all kinds of remote, hidden islands in the South Pacific, many with strict governments enforcing long lists of contraband that most people consider normal things. That's the kind of stuff we would smuggle.
Alex: That's not that bad.
Rayna: No, but we never did it out of kindness, we only did it for profit. I'm ashamed to admit that most of the time I didn't care, but as I got older it started to bother me more. When it involved sick people who needed medicine, it always bothered me that we wouldn't do it unless we were well paid. Sometimes we would find these waring islands and we would do business with both sides, as long as they both paid. It was so unethical.
Alex: But stuff like this wasn't in your control, was it?
Rayna: No, I wasn't captain, but I did work my way up in the ranks until I was pretty high up in the chain of command. We were visiting this one island and I found this lady who was enslaved by a cruel man. She had two small children and just wanted to get away to some other island where she could start a free life. I promised to stow her away on our ship along with her children and take her away...for no fee.

Alex: But that's not bad.
Rayna: No...but if was for a pirate. When the captain and crew found out about it, they were all incredibly mad. They couldn't believe I didn't demand a fee for taking that poor woman out of a terrible situation. At least they didn't find out about it until our ship arrived at the new location and she was able to get away with her kids, but I had to pay dearly for it.
Alex: *alarmed* Did they...torture you?
Rayna: Nothing so barbaric. They shunned me. I was reduced in rank to the very bottom, was forced to give up a year's worth of pay, and then made to swab the decks all day with the other underlings. Nobody spoke to me, or if they did it was only to tell me what a poor excuse of a pirate I was.
Alex: Jerks.
Rayna: I thought they were my friends, but I realized they would only be my friends if I helped them with their selfish ambitions. I only stayed on for a few weeks after that. When we made port next I ran away and never went back. So, you see...I'm not really a great pirate. I just wanted to be able to do something nice without thought to what my own reward was, that's why I came here...I can do that here.
Alex: I don't care what those pirates thought, I think you were a fine pirate...and this whole story makes me like you even more.

Rayna: I just didn't want you to get the wrong impression.
Alex: I think I've got a pretty good impression of what you're about, Rayna. *takes her hand*
Rayna: *doesn't notice, rambles on* I did learn how to do some pretty cool sword fighting, though...maybe someday, if I can get a sword, I can show you.
Alex: Rayna, shut up for a minute.
Rayna: What?!

Rayna: Oh... *blush*

Alex: You know, I like it when you blush.
Rayna: *blushes even more*


Alex: I'm sorry I told you to shut up.
Rayna: Um...that's okay...
Alex: Please, continue what you were talking about.
Rayna: I...don't remember what I was saying...

Alex: You know, if you had never left that pirate ship, I never would have met you.
Rayna: That would have been a shame.
*they hold each other*

Hamster Gratitude (September 12, 2006)

Roxanne: Oh, you've got another hamster, Wolfgang. I didn't know you had two, plus a mouse. It's cute!
Wolfgang: Actually, she's for you.

Roxanne: *gasp* Really! Oh, Wolfgang, you shouldn't have!
Wolfgang: I just wanted to thank you again for helping fix my hand. Plus you said you didn't have a live pet so I thought you might like this.
Roxanne: Oh, I do! Where did you get her?
Wolfgang: Well, I work in a research lab and they decided a while back to stop their animal testing. So, we had all these animals to give away to good homes. A lot of the scientists took them, that's where I got Thomas and Albert. This hamster was not claimed so I got her for you.

Roxanne: Thank you, I love her, she is so cute!
Wolfgang: I'm glad.

Roxanne: *suddenly hugs Wolfgang*
Wolfgang: Aw, shucks...

Painting the Town Red (October 1, 2006): This story was created for a challenge on the Pullip Style forum

Toby got dressed up in his suit and tie.

Shelby dolled up in her little black dress.

They met for a night out.

And decided to paint the town red.

An Untitled Miscellany (November 9, 2006)

Rayna: Isn't it a nice day?
Alex: Whoa...who is that over there?
Rayna: Huh? Where?

Tanith: Hi, I'm new kind of new here. I still haven't met everyone, but my name is Tanith.
Rayna: Hi! I've heard about you and it's nice to finally meet you, I'm Rayna.
Alex: Hi there, I'm Alex.
Tanith: *smiles* Nice to meet you both! *walks away*

Alex: Wow...did you see her eyes? Amazing...
Rayna: ...yeah, she does have nice eyes. Nicer than mine I suppose?
Alex: Hey, don't be like that, you know that's not what I meant. Of course you have nice eyes, too.
Rayna: Heh, whatever...
Alex: Look, here comes Roxanne.

Roxanne: Hi guys...er, am I coming over at a bad time?
Alex: No, your timing is perfect! (under his breath to Roxanne) Save me...
Roxanne: What did you do this time?


Jonas: My name is Jonas, I'm new here. What's your name?
Annike: There seems to be quite a few new faces, or that's what it seems like. Anyway, it's nice to meet you, I'm Annike.
Jonas: So, what's it like here? How many others are there?
Annike: Quite a few, you can meet some of them over there.
Jonas: Thanks, see you around!

Annike: Oh my...he is handsome!


Toby: So, Wolfgang, you've been here for a while but I still don't really know you that well. Tell me about yourself.
Wolfgang: Well...I don't know, what do you want to know?
Toby: What do you do for a living?
Wolfgang: Oh, well, I'm a scientist. I work in a research lab.
Toby: Wow, you must be really smart then!
Wolfgang: I guess.
Toby: Come on, tell me, how much school have you had?
Wolfgang: *a little embarrassed* Uh...a lot. I, uh, went to medical school and I have a PhD.
Toby: ...Wow...you are smart...but that's good. You know, you are lucky to have Roxanne for such a good friend. She's probably the smartest person I know, besides you. I makes sense that you two would be close.

Wolfgang: Roxanne is the nicest person I've ever met. And she's very smart, but in a different way than me. How long have you known her?
Toby: Almost my whole life, she's great, you are very lucky. I think you both needed a good friend so that fact that you found each other seems like fate or something.
Wolfgang: Doesn't she have any other friends here?
Toby: Well, yes, but just not a good close friend.
Wolfgang: I do feel lucky. I like Roxanne. A lot.
Toby: *raises eyebrows* Really?

And yet in still another location...

Madison: Shelby, is something wrong? You've seemed kind of down for a while now, I'm worried about you.
Shelby: I don't know if something is wrong, I'm just confused about things, that's all.
Madison: Does this have something to do with Toby? Did something happen while you two were in Chicago?
Shelby: No, nothing happened. That's just it. We had a great time in Chicago, a lot of fun together. But even since we came home he's been so quiet and distant. I'm afraid something is wrong, but I can't imagine what...everything has been so perfect until now.

Madison: I'm sure it's nothing, you should just talk to him and find out what's going on. Really, I think it's not as big of a deal as you think.
Shelby: I'm sure you are right. But Madison, if something is wrong...I just don't know how I'll take it. *whispers* Madison, don't tell anyone this, but I love Toby. I mean, I really love Toby. I think my heart might break if he is having second thoughts about our relationship.
Madison: Oh honey, it will all be okay...just be patient and you'll see...it just has to be!

Back to the beginning...

Roxanne: Alex, what you have you done now? You know, Rayna, you shouldn't take anything he says seriously. I think he was born with his foot in his mouth!
Rayna: I see...
Alex: Thank goodness, another new person, what great timing!

Jonas: I'm Jonas, I'm just trying to meet everyone here.
Alex: Hey there, dude, it's nice to meet you! I'm Alex and this is my girlfriend, Rayna.
Rayna: Hi!

Alex: And this is my twin sister, Roxanne.

Jonas: Wow, Roxanne. That's very exotic. It's really nice to meet you!
Roxanne: *blush* Hi.

Alex: *whispers to Rayna* I suppose you are going to tell me you think he's cute?
Rayna: *whispers back* He is cute, but no, I wasn't going to say that...I have more tact than you. No, I was going to say I think he's smittem with your sister, don't you think?
Alex: You think? *makes a mental note to keep an eye on that*

And Meanwhile...

Tanith: Listen, I know we haven't known each other for long, but I feel very close to you already so you can confide in me if you want. You seem depressed, are you okay?
Paige: I feel close to you, too...and yes, I am a little sad.
Tanith: Why?
Paige: Well, this might sound silly...I feel silly for feeling this way but I can't help it...but the fact is I've been around for a few hundred years and have never had...male companionship. I feel like it's about time I experienced love, but all the men I know are much too young. I want to meet someone who has been around for around as long as I have, someone I can relate to. Sometimes I think it will never happen.
Tanith: There is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved, I think it's fundamental. I don't know if I can be much help though, I'm sorry to say I don't know any immortal, or near immortal, men. Let's ask the psychic butterfly!
Paige: *baffled* Psychic butterfly?

Tanith: *pulls out butterfly, seemingly from midair, Paige isn't sure* Hi there psychic butterfly! Tell us, will Paige here ever meet a man she can fall in love with?
Psychic Butterfly: *speaks to Tanith in a language only she can understand*
Paige: Okay, that's just strange, I've never met a butterfly I could not comprehend, but I don't understand him at all...what is he saying?
Tanith: He says you will meet the man of your dreams much sooner than you think.
Paige: Re...really? But how can that be? Are you sure? *is suspicious*

Jonas: Hi, I'm new here, my name is Jonas.
Tanith: Hi there, Jonas. My name is Tanith and this is the psychic butterfly. We're new here, too.
Jonas: Psychic butterfly? Uh, nice to meet you both.
Paige: I'm Paige, it's nice to meet you.
Jonas: Wow, your hair is amazing! Are you a natural...pink? Er, I mean, nice to meet you, too
Paige: *smiles* It's okay, I'm glad you like it. And yes, I am a natural pink, as you say.

Later, after Jonas has left to meet Toby and Wolfgang...

Tanith: *looks at the psychic butterfly* Wow, that was fast. When the psychic butterfly said you'd meet your man soon, I didn't think he meant that soon.
Paige: What? Oh, you don't think the butterfly meant Jonas, do you? He seems like a nice man and all, but he's not really what I had in mind.
Tanith: Hmmm...maybe you are right, it's hard to say with the psychic butterfly. I guess we'll just have to see, you need to keep an open mind!
Paige: If you say so...

Twitterpation (November 16, 2006)

Toby: So, Wolfgang...I've been meaning to ask you...about Roxanne...
Wolfgang: What about her?
Toby: Well, I was going to ask about you and Roxanne...you know...

Wolfgang: We're just friends.
Toby: Are you sure?
Wolfgang: *no comment*
Toby: Okay. I was just going to say that Roxanne is one of the nicest girls I know and if you do like her then you have good taste.
Wolfgang: *no comment*

Wolfgang: Even if...even if I, you know, liked her...that way...I don't think she would like me back.
Toby: Why not?
Wolfgang: I'm not very handsome...I have grey hair and sometimes I have to wear glasses.
Toby: I don't know what women find attractive, but looks aren't everything.
Wolfgang: Well...that and my last girlfriend broke up with me because she thought I was boring.

Toby: What? She said that? Well, you're better off without her then.
Wolfgang: I wish I was a little more outgoing.
Toby: If people don't like you for who you are then it's their loss...just remember that.
Wolfgang: I guess.

Jonas joins them suddenly...

Jonas: Hey, Toby, can I talk to you?
Toby: Sure, what's up?
Jonas: It's about Roxanne. I understand you've known her for a long time.
Toby: All my life practically...why?
Jonas: I want to know what she's like. She's so beautiful, I just want to know all there is to know about her!

Toby: Whoa, slow down! Are you always in such a hurry?
Jonas: No...that's what's so strange. I've never been so moved by a beautiful woman before. I just feel like I need to do something.
Toby: Okay, okay...what you're saying is you're twitterpated.
Jonas: Huh?
Toby: Nevermind. If you really want information on Roxanne you should ask her brother.

Jonas: Yeah, but it's her brother. What if he wants to beat me up or something because I like his sister?
Toby: *laughs* Alex wouldn't beat you up...but his is protective of her, so maybe it's not a good idea. Listen, if you want to "win" her I'm afraid I'm not much help. I've known her for a long time, but I really don't know how to romance her.
Jonas: Oh...darn...
Wolfgang: Books.

Jonas and Toby: What?
Wolfgang: Books. Roxanne loves books. Especially Jane Austen books.
Jonas: Books, huh?
Wolfgang: Yes. You said you wanted to know about her and this is what I know.
Jonas: Well, that's something. So what do I do? Do either of you have any advice on how to tell her how I feel? I feel like if I try to talk to her I might faint or something.
Toby: I'd slow down if I were you. Take your time and get to know her at least. Just talk to her. But if you can't do that then write her a letter...or something.
Jonas: Well, books and letters aren't really my thing, but I'll think about it. Thanks guys. *Jonas leaves*

Toby: *sigh* That guy is crazy. I hope his head clears soon. And hey, if you like Roxanne, why did you help him?
Wolfgang: *no comment*
Toby: Well, I'd do something about that if I were you.

The Secret Admirer (November 17, 2006)

Roxanne has been outside reading all day...

She decides to take a little break and see what her bear is up to. She has been hesitant to handle the bear much in fear of making an accidental wish again...she does only have one wish left...

Roxanne: What's this?

Roxanne: *reads*...gasp!

Roxanne: Oh my!

Annike appears...
Annike: Hi, Roxanne, what's up?

Roxanne: *flustered* Ah...nothing.
Annike: What are you hiding behind your back?
Roxanne: Nothing. It's nothing.

Annike: *points* It looks like a letter.
Roxanne: I said it's nothing.
Annike: Let me see!
Roxanne: No!

Annike: *grabs letter*
Roxanne: Give that back!
Annike: It is a letter...It says, "Dear Roxanne, I wish I had the courage to tell you how I feel about you. For now all I can do is write you this letter and tell you that my heart is full of you and only you. One day, I will tell you who I am, but until the courage comes to me just know that someone out there cares deeply for you." It's not signed...Wow, do you know what this means?
Roxanne: It means it's time to give that back to me!

Annike: *gives back letter* You have a secret admirer!
Roxanne: *grumble* It's not much of a secret now, is it, Little Miss Nosey?
Annike: Sorry...hey, I promise not to tell anyone, okay? ...I wish I had a secret admirer...
Roxanne: *blush*

Another Letter (November 20, 2006)

Roxanne is reading again, but she is having a hard time concentrating...

Roxanne: *picks up letter and sighs* I wonder who wrote this?

Austen (the hamster): Squeak, squeak!
Roxanne: Austen! What is it?
Austen: Squeak!
Roxanne: *gasp* Is that...another letter?

Roxanne: *trembling slightly* I wonder what this one says... *opens hesitantly and reads* "Dear Roxanne, Sometimes I think about what it would be like to take you by the hand, to touch your face, and to hold you in my arms. When I imagine this my heart races and I feel happy inside. Yet, I know that I can't imagine how wonderful I would feel if my dreams someday become a reality."...wow...

Roxanne: *sigh*

Jonas approaches, Roxanne hastily puts the letters away...
Jonas: Uh...hi, Roxanne.
Roxanne: Hi, Jonas. How are you?
Jonas: Um...I'm fine. And you?
Roxanne: I'm fine, thanks. *smiles*

Jonas: *figets with hands*
Roxanne: Jonas, are you okay?
Jonas: Uh...well...I'm a little nervous.
Roxanne: Nervous? Why?
Jonas: Well...I just wanted to...I mean there's something I wanted to...uh...dang...

Jonas runs off...
Roxanne: *???* What was that all about?

Roxanne: Hmmm...I wonder...

Yet, Another Letter (November 23, 2006)

Roxanne sits down to read and finds a little surprise in her book...
Roxanne: What? Another letter?

Roxanne: What does this one say? Let's see... *reads* "Dear Roxanne, You may be wondering why it is taking so long for me to reveal myself to you. I apologize for making you wait but I live in fear that you may not feel the same way about me that I feel about you. Until I am ready to face that possible disappointment I must keep my dreams a secret. Please wait a little longer. With much love..."

Roxanne: Hmmm...I think I need to do something about this...


Jonas: Boy, do I feel like an idiot.

Roxanne: Jonas?
Jonas: *startled* Ah!
Roxanne: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that.
Jonas: You did scare me a little but it's okay.

Roxanne: About the other day, when you came to talk to me. I didn't mean to scare you off...
Jonas: Oh, yeah, listen--about that...I'm really sorry. I just wanted to get to know you a little better. I was just really nervous. Now, I just feel stupid.
Roxanne: Oh, don't. It's always hard when new friends meet. I would like to get to know you better too so let's talk, okay?
Jonas: Yeah, okay. *smiles*

A while later, after they have spent some time talking...

Roxanne: So, you're an artist?
Jonas: Yeah, I do comic strips mostly. Hopefully I can get them published someday, that's my goal anyway.
Roxanne: I'd be interested in seeing them sometime.
Jonas: Well...I need to get the kinks out first, but eventually I'll show them to you.
Roxanne: Heh, I understand.
Jonas: And you, you're a librarian?
Roxanne: Yes, I'm the head children's librarian. But I just like reading reading really.
Jonas: Ever thought about writing your own book someday?
Roxanne: *smiles* No, but I'd love to be an editor so I could have an excuse to read all day.
Jonas: *laughs*

Jonas: You're really nice, Roxanne.
Roxanne: Thank you, Jonas.
Jonas: Hey, we should hang out again sometime...um, maybe this weekend?
Roxanne: *blush* Well...okay.
Jonas: *smiles*

A Bit of Confusion (November 24, 2006)

Jonas: So, I did it. I talked to Roxanne! I have a date with her even.
Toby: Really? Wow...nice one.
Jonas: Yeah, we're going out this weekend.


Roxanne has received a new letter...
Roxanne: What? Another one?

Roxanne: This one is short. It says, "Dear Roxanne, You are beautiful inside and out." *blush*

Back with Toby and Wolfgang (Jonas has left)...

Toby: I'm sorry.
Wolfgang: For what?
Toby: That Jonas is going out with Roxanne.
Wolfgang: I keep telling you, Roxanne and I are friends. If she is happy then so am I.
Toby: Oh look, here comes Roxanne.

Roxanne: Hi, guys.
Toby: Jonas was just here. He told us you have a date this weekend.
Roxanne: He said that?
Toby: Uh...yeah...is there a problem?
Roxanne: I said I'd "hang out" with him this weekend. I didn't know he intended it to be a date. *sigh*
Tobay: Oh come on, it can't be that bad.

Roxanne: No, you're right, it will be fine. I'm just afraid he might be getting the wrong idea.
Toby: He comes on a little strong, huh?
Roxanne: *smiles* Yes, a little. I just don't want to accidentally lead him on and hurt his feelings just because I'm trying to be nice.
Toby: I'm sure it will be fine.

Toby: Listen, I need to go and see what Shelby is up to. I'm worried she thinks I'm avoiding her or something.
Roxanne: Are you?
Toby: No! It's just...I mean I just feel...there's nothing wrong, I just...Oh, nevermind, it's personal.
Roxanne: I'm sure it will work out fine for you, too. But, if you ever need to talk, let me know.
Toby: Thanks. Bye guys.

Roxanne: Wolfgang, you are so quiet.
Wolfgang: I'm always quiet.
Roxanne: *smile* I know. That's one of the reasons I like you so much.
Wolfgang: So...uh...you and Jonas...
Roxanne: Oh, I'm sorry Wolfgang, we won't be able to spend time together this weekend as usual.

Wolfgang: No, it's not that. You...don't like Jonas?
Roxanne: I like him just fine but only as a friend. He's nice but I hardly know him, he's a little jumpy...heh...and he's just a tad too eager...in more ways than one... *sigh*
Wolfgang: What do you mean?
Roxanne: Oh...nothing.
Wolfgang: Can we still spend time together where you're not with him? I mean, I understand if you can't or don't want to...
Roxanne: Of course I want to! I...you...well, I just wanted to say...um...
Wolfgang: What?
Roxanne: Well...oh, it's nothing. Just...thanks for being my friend.
Wolfgang: *smile*

Revelation (November 25, 2006)

Wolfgang: You...you look really nice.
Roxanne: Thank you. I'm suppose to go out with Jonas sometime today. *sigh*
Wolfgang: I hope you have fun.
Roxanne: I'd rather stay here with you.
Wolfgang: You don't mean that.
Roxanne: Yes I do.

Jonas: Roxanne! Wow, you look great. Are you ready?
Roxanne: Yes, let's go. (to Wolfgang) Bye.
Wolfgang: Bye.
Jonas: See ya. *winks at Wolfgang*

Wolfgang: *sigh* If only...

Later, after Roxanne and Jonas have spent some time together...

Jonas: Thanks for spending some time with me, I've really enjoyed it.
Roxanne: Yes, it has been fun.

Jonas: Roxanne, would you like to go out again? You know I'd love it.
Roxanne: Jonas, there's something you should know first.
Jonas: Oh? What is it?
Roxanne: I like you, Jonas, I think you're a very nice person. I would like to be your friend, but I don't think we should go out again unless we're just spending time together as friends.
Jonas: Oh...I see...

Roxanne: I'm so sorry, Jonas. I can see I've made you feel bad. I was afraid of that.
Jonas: It's okay...really.
Roxanne: I would rather be honest and not lead you on.
Jonas: I understand and I appreciate that. I am also disappointed, of course, but I'll get over it...eventually.
Roxanne: Oh dear...

Jonas: No, really, don't worry. It's okay. I would like it if we could still be friends.
Roxanne: Oh, that's good to hear. And before I forget I'd like to thank you for the letters, they were very sweet.
Jonas: Letters?
Roxanne: Yes, the anonymous love letters that...you...oh. You...didn't write them, did you?
Jonas: I'm afraid not.

Roxanne: *blushing terribly and wishing she could run away* Oh dear! Uh...
Jonas: You've been getting love letters and you thought they were from me?
Roxanne: *still blushing* Well...yes...I...I didn't start getting them until after we met and...well, you...were so nervous and everything...
Jonas: Yeah, okay. I see how you might have though they were from me.

Roxanne: I am so embarrassed!
Jonas: Hey now, it's alright. Don't be embarrasssed. Do you have any other ideas who might have sent them?
Roxanne: Well, no I...I... *gasp* Oh! (whispers) I think I do know who sent them now...
Jonas: Really, who?
Roxanne: ...I'd rather not say, you know, in case I'm wrong...again.
Jonas: *laughs* Yeah, okay.

Roxanne: Now that I've humiliated myself...twice...I think it's time for me to leave. But I really did enjoy our time together.
Jonas: I did, too. For the most part.
Roxanne: I really hope we can still be friends.
Jonas: Me, too.

A little while later...

Wolfgang: You're back. Did you have fun?
Roxanne: Yes...well, mostly. But I won't be going out with him again.
Wolfgang: Oh, I'm sorry.
Roxanne: Don't be, it's all fine. May I read with you?
Roxanne: Yes, of course, I'd like that.

"The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth" (December 1, 2006)

Toby: How did it go with Roxanne?
Jonas: It didn't.
Toby: What do you mean?
Jonas: Well, we had fun but then she made it clear that she doesn't feel the same way about me as I feel about her. I'm just disappointed

Toby: Come on, don't feel bad. At least she was honest with you.
Jonas: I know, but it still stinks.
Toby: Well, as Alex would tell you, there are lots of nice and pretty girls here. Surely one of them is bound to like you...
Jonas: Maybe...but not now. I think I just need to slow down.
Toby: That's the best idea from you I've heard yet.

Roxanne: (thinking to herself) I've received two more letters this week. I keep reading them over and over...my favorite part of this one says, "just being near you makes my day a special one." And this one says, "I still fear that you cannot return my affections. Is there even a slim chance that you might love me? I just don't know. Sometimes I think you can and that you do love me too, but most of the time I don't allow myself to get my hopes up. If I could just kiss you once I think I could be satisfied...almost."

Roxanne: (still thinking to herself) At first I thought Jonas was writing these letters. I'm still completely mortified I even mentioned them to him! But I think I know who they are from now...I'm almost positive Wolfgang is writing them. Most people around here would probably be surprised that he might write something like this, but I'm not. He may be very shy and incredibly introverted, but if you take the time to get to know him you realize he is also very passionate about what he loves. He has such strong feelings, he just keeps it to himself most of the time.

Toby: So, someone is writing love letters to Roxanne?
Jonas: That's what she said. she thought I was writing them, isn't that crazy?
Toby: *laughs* Well, can you blame her? You were acting a bit love sick.
Jonas: Okay...I guess you are right...she said the same thing...

Toby: It appears someone else is just as love sick as you...maybe even more so.
Jonas: Yeah...is it you?
Toby: What? No! Don't you know I have a girlfriend?
Jonas: Oh...well, I just thought..oh, nevermind.
Toby: I get it. She's my friend, I do admire her. Sorry if I gave you the wrong idea but I'm not sending her love letters. But, I think I know who is...
Jonas: Who?
Toby: Think...it's not hard to figure out now...

Alex: Hey, Rayna, let's go do something!
Rayna: Alex, you know I'd love to, but I really want to want to work on my book.
Alex: come on, you can do that anytime. I want to have some fun.
Rayna: No, I haven't worked on my book at all since we started going out and I really want to get back to it. If I keep putting if off I'll never get it done.

Alex: But, Rayna...
Rayna: Alex, please try to understand. This is very important to me. I really want to do this.
Alex: *grumble* Oh, okay...
Rayna: Thank you, Alex, it really means a lot to me to have your support.

*Alex leaves*
Rayna: *sigh* Thank goodness, I thought he'd never leave! Now, let's get started... *excitedly writes* "Chapter 1: Born on a Pirate Ship..."

Shelby: Is something wrong?
Toby: No, what makes you think that?
Shelby: You've just been kind of quiet lately. I'm just worried about you.
Toby: Don't worry, I just have a lot on my mind.

Shelby: You know you can talk to me about anything?
Toby: I know, and I will when I'm ready. Right now, just being with you and holding your hand is enough.
*They sit together in companionable silence for a while*

Alex: *grumble* Hi. *Plops down next to Toby and Shelby*
Shelby: Is something wrong?
Alex: Oh, it's Rayna. She's working on her book.
Toby: I'm not sure I see the problem...
Alex: I wanted to go do something fun with her, but she won't go. She just wants to write her pirate book. *sigh*
Shelby: You should be glad your girlfriend has ambition.
Toby: Yeah, just let her be. She can't spend every waking minute with you.
Alex: I guess...

Roxanne: (still thinking to herself) When I believed Jonas was writing me these letters I thought they were sweet, but now that I'm sure they are from Wolfgang these letters are having a very different effect on me. When I read them I just smile inside and feel...I feel...well, I can't describe it. All I know is I can't rush Wolfgang into revealing himself, I need to let him tell me when he is ready. And I didn't realize it until now, but I think I've loved Wolfgang since the moment we met...

Toby: Listen, Wolfgang, can you do me a favor?
Wolfgang: Um, I guess...
Toby: You need to tell Roxanne how you feel. The sooner the better.
Wolfgang: Toby, I keep telling you--
Toby (cuts Wolfgang off): Come on, Wolfgang, you don't need to deny it. I'm not going to tell anyone, including Roxanne. But, you need to tell her!
Wolfgang: *no comment*
Toby: I know about the love letters, Wolfgang.
Wolfgang: *long pause* The...letters? How do you know about that? *alarmed*
Toby: Nevermind that. The problem is someone has already thought I was writing them. What if other people find out and think it's me? It could just cause problems for me, that's all I'm saying.
Wolfgang: *another long pause* Okay...okay, I'll do...something. *tries not to panic*
Toby: It will be fine. She already likes you. You're best friends. Going the rest of the way isn't as hard as you think.
Wolfgang (whisper): I hope you are right.

"The Course of True Love..." continuation (December 5, 2006)

Rayna: *grumble* ...what to write now? Ugh! *throws pencil*

Roxanne: *finds a new letter in her book* Look! Another letter...I wonder what this one says...maybe Wolfgang is ready to reveal himself... *opens the letter with great anticipation*

Rayna: I'm so frustrated!
Alex: I'm sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help. Why don't we go do something to help take your mind off it?
Rayna: Alex, I spent all day yesterday working on my book and then I was up all night last night stressing because I had writer's block. I'm exhausted! I just want to lie here.
Alex: *sigh* Okay...

Rayna: You could at least try to be sympathetic.
Alex: I am sympathetic! I thought I was helping.
Rayna: Well, you're not.

*Rayna stalks off*
Alex: Now what did I do?

Roxanne: *reads letter* "Dearest Roxanne, You mean the world to me and I can't do anything to jeopardize our precious friendship. I won't let my feelings for you ruin what we already have. I will always love you and cherish you but if I lost your friendship because of my feelings I would never forgive myself. Please forgive me for writing you these letters, I promise not to write them anymore."

Roxanne: No... *sob*

Alex: Dude, I don't know what to do.
Toby: Somehow it will all work out, just give Rayna some space and then try talking to her again.

Rayna: ...and then I left.
Paige: Forgive me for saying so, but Alex was only trying to help. I think you overreacted.
Rayna: I guess...maybe I just need some sleep.

Toby: Why have I suddenly become a matchmaker and couples therapist? I need a break so I can focus on me and Shelby and how I'm going to...hey, isn't that Roxanne? She looks upset...

Toby: Hey, are you okay? What's wrong?
Roxanne: Oh...Toby... *sniff* It's nothing, I'm okay.
Toby: Come on, I can see you're upset...
Roxanne: *sniff* Really...it's nothing. I just want to be alone.

*Roxanne runs away leaving her letter behind*
Toby: Wait, don't go... *sees letter* You forgot something!
*Roxanne does not come back*
Toby: *worried* I hope she's okay. I wonder what this is that she dropped?

Toby: *picks up letter and reads* What the...? *mutters to self* Oh, Wolfgang, how could you do that to her? I'm going to have to talk to that guy. *sigh* So much for taking a break from being a matchmaker...

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