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New Year Reflections

For months I've been thinking about how much I hope 2011 is better then 2010. It's not that 2010 was totally bad, but it didn't start out great for me at least (my ex-step dad and aunt both died and I was struggling in the health department). 2010 got better and ended fairly well. But now that 2011 is here I feel kind of...how do I describe it...blah about it. Like I have no plans and not a whole lot to necessarily work for or look forward to. I'm thinking this may not be the best way to start the new year. While I don't really believe in resolutions (it's like making promises you'll only end up breaking so why bother) I do think it might be helpful to at least make an effort to set a few goals for myself so I have a sense of something to look forward to. I'm writing them down so they are more real and I can have somewhere to check on my progress.

1. Get a new sewing machine (I have the money in hand already, the plan is to shop and bring one home next week if possible). In conjunction with this I want to set aside regular time each week to work on clothing for my Etsy store. I would like to come up with some new designs, if possible, and work on clothing for Pullip, Dal, Taeyang/Namu, and Lati yellow/Pukifee mainly. My sales goal for the year is $1500 gross, which is comparable to 2010.

2. Be more proactive about my health, mostly my thyroid issues. Things in the thyroid department went downhill in 2010, it was a real struggle. I had major periods of extreme fatigue which contributed to my feeling that 2010 was not going well, it's hard to accomplish anything when you are tired all the time. I won't go into great detail on this because it's boring and unimportant, but the main point is I need to make sure my doctor is listening to my concerns and addressing them. If she continues to ignore what I'm saying I need to get a new doctor who will, even if it means driving all the way into downtown Houston to get what I need.

3. This is a very typical New Year's goal but...get back into a regular exercise routine. Note: I did not say I want to lose weight (although I won't complain if that happens as a result to the exercise). Exercise helps me feel less tired and will help me combat some of the above mentioned health issues. Plus it's just good for me! I want to exercise at least three days a week for 30 minutes. At the same time I need to make sure I get a good night's sleep every night by going to bed on time and drinking plenty of water.

4. Save my money for non-dolly purchases (I mean, I will probably make some dolly purchases this year...of course! But I want to work on a few things around the house, etc, that I want). This list includes:
-A new rocking chair to replace the broken one in the family room
-A new bean bag (I have the money saved up for this already, will probably buy very soon)
-Small shelving unit for my husband's "junk" (haha) in the family room...he currently stacks his stuff on an old kids table we should have parted with ages ago :P
-Save up for a trip to London with my oldest son (to visit my sister), probably won't happen in 2011, but I'd like to start saving up for it

5. Clean all the crap out of the garage. Yes, I need a year at least to accomplish this...it's really embarrassing! :P And I can't really depend on my husband to do it, or even help much with it... *sigh*

One other goal that's more of a family goal so I'm not listing it among my personal goals is to plan a road trip around the mid west over the summer (my husband's idea actually). Our tentative plan it to possibly drive up through Missouri, Ohio (maybe), and Illinois all the way up to Chicago. My husband really wants to do this so it will probably happen...unless an anticipated wedding occurs this summer for a certain family member of his (sorry to be vague, but I don't want to jinx it, haha). Either way, I want to be involved in planning this so I can make sure my summer doesn't suck. :P

That's it. Of course if I can accomplish more that would be great, but it's a start. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year! :D


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Jan. 1st, 2011 11:33 pm (UTC)
I hope 2010 is better than you expect! *hugs*

If you do visit London and had some free time, seriously, let me know! :P Always looking for an excuse to visit London anyway, heheh. :P Well, if you'd like of course! It's a cool city, best of luck with the saving!

I feeeeel your thyroid pain! Best of luck. :) Don't let the little bugger bully you!
Jan. 4th, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
Of course! If I know I'll be in London I'll let you know for sure. :D My sister used to live in Australia which I really wanted to visit as well, but airfare was insane. London is much more affordable and I've wanted to check it out for years. I'm just not sure exactly when I'll make it yet...

Stupid thyroid. Talking to you about yours made me think about mine more. ;) Good luck with yours, too!
Jan. 2nd, 2011 01:26 am (UTC)
I wish you blessings in 2011.
Jan. 4th, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I'm feeling much more optimistic about it now. :)
Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:07 am (UTC)
I am always in approval of Joni making new dolly clothes. Mostly because I love to buy them. Tee-hee. I wish I had clothes-making skills like you. The extent of my sewing skills involves making curtains. Which, you know, are so terribly difficult.

Your garage is our basement. My mom made it her personal mission in 2010 to reorganize the entire basement. And of course, she was the one doing it all, since my dad is pretty much useless when it comes to things like that. She actually had a fire lit under her when she realized that my brother wasn't going to graduate school and that we needed to store his stuff for around 18 months instead of just 8. And she doesn't want to rent a storage unit, so she cleaned so much junk out of the basement I'm pretty sure we can fit everything in now. We'll have no room to move around, of course, but all our stuff will fit.

I fully support this road trip around the midwest. For obvious reasons. I so hope you're able to make it out here!
Jan. 4th, 2011 03:32 pm (UTC)
Well, I got the sewing machine and everything was fine...but now the machine is making a funny noise (a "not good" funny noise). I'm sure a brand spanking new machine isn't supposed to do this, so I'm going to contact the store today or tomorrow to see if they know what's up and if I might possibly exchange it. :/

*sigh* I wish things would go easier for me...but I think fate hates me for some reason.

We used to have a basement in Colorado, that was our old dumping ground. But there are no basements in Houston. The ground isn't right to support it or something. So now our garage is the dumping ground...and it really looks like a dump. I've tried for years to get my husband to clean it, because honestly most of the crap in there is his (he would debate this fact but I know it's true :P ) so I've taken up the old adage "if you want something done you need to do it yourself". :P I don't want a storage unit either.

Haha, I knew you'd approve of my road trip. The only downside is currently St. Louis isn't in our itinerary...but I think I might be able to convince my husband to put it there. Seriously, if we are going out that way, why not take advantage of it? I will let you know when our plans are more solid. ;)
Jan. 5th, 2011 05:58 am (UTC)
Well, I hope your sewing machine is fixable...or at the very least, exchangeable! Thank goodness for warranties!

My parents used to live in Fort Worth, and my mom HATED not having a basement. She had always had one, and she just did not like having to store stuff in the garage. Garages are for cars! She's slowly getting used to the idea that since my brother is moving all of his stuff back home, she's going to have store stuff in there again. Well, as long as we can still park in there...

Ten bucks says that when you get around to cleaning the garage, your husband will take a look at half the stuff and go "but I need that!!" Haha. Men and their junk.

Well, if not St. Louis, I can still manage Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City....really, if it's along a major highway, I can get there in four hours or less. Missouri, compared to Texas, is a relatively small state. And please, if you're going to Illinois anyway, you might as well drift over to the Missouri side. Everyone knows we're the FAR better state.
Jan. 5th, 2011 06:42 pm (UTC)
Good news, I figured out the sewing machine...I think. It wasn't broken. I just need to get used to it more. ;) But I didn't have to take it back or anything like that.

We can't use our garage to park our cars in. Don't get me started about that. :P Even if I clean it the way I want, we still won't be able to park in there. What I wouldn't give to have a basement again...

Haha, I KNOW that's what's going to happen when I start cleaning! It has been happening for years...this is why our garage looks like a complete disgrace. I tried explaining this to my husband but yes, him and his junk...there's no getting rid of it. I will try to focus on getting rid of what I can and organizing the rest. Organization is NOT one of my husband's strong points (this he will admit).

If we take this road trip we are for sure going to visit Missouri, but it would be in the Kansas City area. However, if we are going up and then coming back down they way I see it is we don't necessarily have to take the same route both ways. So if we go through Kansas City on the way North I'm thinking we not swing through St. Louis on the way back South? ;) Right now my husband only has routes plotted out one way (with what we want to see). There's still a ton of time to iron out the details and I'll definitely keep you updated with where we are going to be. :D
Jan. 7th, 2011 04:52 pm (UTC)
Well, that's good about the sewing machine.

My parents have always been insistent that we be able to park our cars in the garage. That's what it's for! Although, to be fair, we have to worry about snow and ice a LOT more here, so a garage is quite handy in that regard.

I'd say that if he hasn't used it in a year, it needs to go. We had a bunch of old scrap material in our garage/basement that my mom said my dad either had to use by the end of the summer or it had to go.

Well, if you need suggestions on things to do in KC, my brother has lived there for years and we've taken several day trips out to see him. And I think you're totally right about going different routes there and back. After all, if you have to travel that far anyways, you might as well get the most of it!
Jan. 9th, 2011 12:37 am (UTC)
If we still lived in Colorado and had snow, etc, then I would be a lot more insistent about having the cars in the garage, too. But then we'd probably also still have a basement. :P

I feel the same way about having things lying around unused. It's one of those picking your battles things, and it's a battle I'm tired of waging with my husband. He can keep stuff as long as it doesn't clutter the house and at least tries to keep the garage neat. Once things come into the house he knows not to push it. XD

I think we know what we're going to see while we're out driving across country. And I didn't remember your brother lived in KC until you mentioned it again, but now I recall you saying that before. :D I'd love to see the arch in St. Louis myself so we'll see if that can be arranged. But...I'd rather see you more. ;)
Jan. 9th, 2011 06:40 am (UTC)
Our basement is partially finished, so sometimes storage is a wee bit difficult, but we manage. And fitting your car into the garage here is pretty much a necessity, since we get severe hailstorms at least once a year. That will ruin your car.

My mom allows my dad a man space in the corner of the basement that he can do whatever he wants to, as long as it doesn't invade the rest of the basement. It's a mess, but he keeps it contained. It's like you said, it's a battle that my mom chooses not to pick, instead she just compromises with him on it. Which seems to work pretty well.

Well, he's moving back from KC on Thursday, but he went to college there from August 2006 to December 2010, so he's quite familiar with the area. And he knows all the great local restaurants to eat at. Besides the Arch, STL does have one of the top zoos in the country. And it's free. Okay, parking is $11, but the zoo itself is free. And so is just about everything else in Forest Park (art museum, history museum...lots of good stuff here). I'm just saying. But I am glad that I rank higher than a national monument on your list of things to see :D
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