Just an Update

Sorry about the random posts out of nowhere with old photo stories...I'm just cleaning up a few things around here. You know...blowing dust off this LJ and fixing some links, etc.

I finally finished my complete Pullip Story Archive now housed on this journal. You can find the link on the sidebar of my main journal page.

I also updated my profile, although some of the images are still sadly outdated. Oh well, I can fix that another time.

I'm not as active in the dolly scene as I used to be but I still have a sizable doll collection. Mostly I use Flickr these days for that.

Anyway, that's all from me...how are you? ;)

Old Photo Stories (part 2)

Please ignore this if you wish, I'm just finishing up an archive of my old (really old...) photo stories. The photos are pretty bad and the stories are kind of doofy, just a warning. No need to read these or even comment, like I said this is only for archival purposes. ;)

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I'm slimming down the doll collection again. I've been thinking about this for a good while. Here's a list of what I am selling:

Pullip Lan Ake--nude, with stock wig and a small bust Obitsu
Taeyang Sage--nude, completely stock
Taeyang MJ (not sure if I will sell for sure)--nude, rewigged
Pullip Fanatica (not sure if I will sell for sure)--nude, with stock wig or straight black wig with no bangs (ON HOLD, if I decide to sell)

Comment or message me for questions or if you are interested, thanks. :D

New Doll Alert

Just making a quick post to share my new doll who arrived a few weeks ago...funny enough she came on Friday the 13th. :P Anyway, here's my tiny Fairyland Realpuki Soso:

She has an infectious smile, I love her to death already! I named her Newt. ;)

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*Crickets Chirping on this LJ*

I have no interest in my dolls lately. I'm not worried about this because when I contemplated selling a few I realized really quick that there's no way I could sell any of my current collection. So I can only assume I just need a bit of a break and the dolly love will return in time. It happens, but it's one reason I'm being a little quiet around here.

It doesn't help that I made my first doll clothing purchase it quite a while a few weeks ago and I was excited to get something new...and it finally came today with a HOLE IN IT! :( I bought it off Etsy and I know that handmade stuff isn't perfect, but a hole? Come on...that's not acceptable. I already wrote the seller and provided a photo, we'll see what she said. But my excitement about it is now down the drain. I won't being doing the photos I was so looking forward to until this issue is resolved.

It's been seven months since a bought a doll even. I wonder if getting my ultimate grail (my Lati yellow winter tan Lami, the last doll I bought) kind of ended up putting a damper on my enthusiasm for the doll hunt? I don't know...but I kind of wonder. I sort of have an idea of what dolls I would would like to buy next, I'm just not excited enough yet to actually do it. :P

Valentine's Day Photo Overload!

Sorry this is a day late, but I did take my traditional sappy couples dolly photos for Valentine's Day and I would really like to share them. Enjoy! <3

This is Ivy and Gideon, Ivy is holding her Valentine from Gideon. This photo was my favorite of the set so it gets the honor of being first. :P The rest are Collapse )

Random Stuff

First off, because I haven't posted an actual dolly photo here in a while, here's a recent shot of Taryn, my Prunella (one of my favorite dolls):

I got my new sewing machine! :D I'm still getting used to it, it does some odd things that I'm not sure are normal, and I can't figure out if the machine is not functioning exactly right or if it's user error. :P User error would not surprise me, haha! I'll figure it out...but I am perfectly able to sew new things with it so I have FINALLY updated my Etsy Store with a few new items. :) I added three outfits last night and I have two more done to be added shortly. I have plans to make a few things for Dal and Taeyang next week if I can manage it so if you have an interest please stayed tuned.

Hey, did you know that DDE now carries a few items from Red Ruby Galleria? Not that ordering from RRG is difficult, but it's nice to have a few quick options available directly in the US.

New Year Reflections

For months I've been thinking about how much I hope 2011 is better then 2010. It's not that 2010 was totally bad, but it didn't start out great for me at least (my ex-step dad and aunt both died and I was struggling in the health department). 2010 got better and ended fairly well. But now that 2011 is here I feel kind of...how do I describe it...blah about it. Like I have no plans and not a whole lot to necessarily work for or look forward to. I'm thinking this may not be the best way to start the new year. While I don't really believe in resolutions (it's like making promises you'll only end up breaking so why bother) I do think it might be helpful to at least make an effort to set a few goals for myself so I have a sense of something to look forward to. I'm writing them down so they are more real and I can have somewhere to check on my progress.

1. Get a new sewing machine (I have the money in hand already, the plan is to shop and bring one home next week if possible). In conjunction with this I want to set aside regular time each week to work on clothing for my Etsy store. I would like to come up with some new designs, if possible, and work on clothing for Pullip, Dal, Taeyang/Namu, and Lati yellow/Pukifee mainly. My sales goal for the year is $1500 gross, which is comparable to 2010.

2. Be more proactive about my health, mostly my thyroid issues. Things in the thyroid department went downhill in 2010, it was a real struggle. I had major periods of extreme fatigue which contributed to my feeling that 2010 was not going well, it's hard to accomplish anything when you are tired all the time. I won't go into great detail on this because it's boring and unimportant, but the main point is I need to make sure my doctor is listening to my concerns and addressing them. If she continues to ignore what I'm saying I need to get a new doctor who will, even if it means driving all the way into downtown Houston to get what I need.

3. This is a very typical New Year's goal but...get back into a regular exercise routine. Note: I did not say I want to lose weight (although I won't complain if that happens as a result to the exercise). Exercise helps me feel less tired and will help me combat some of the above mentioned health issues. Plus it's just good for me! I want to exercise at least three days a week for 30 minutes. At the same time I need to make sure I get a good night's sleep every night by going to bed on time and drinking plenty of water.

4. Save my money for non-dolly purchases (I mean, I will probably make some dolly purchases this year...of course! But I want to work on a few things around the house, etc, that I want). This list includes:
-A new rocking chair to replace the broken one in the family room
-A new bean bag (I have the money saved up for this already, will probably buy very soon)
-Small shelving unit for my husband's "junk" (haha) in the family room...he currently stacks his stuff on an old kids table we should have parted with ages ago :P
-Save up for a trip to London with my oldest son (to visit my sister), probably won't happen in 2011, but I'd like to start saving up for it

5. Clean all the crap out of the garage. Yes, I need a year at least to accomplish this...it's really embarrassing! :P And I can't really depend on my husband to do it, or even help much with it... *sigh*

One other goal that's more of a family goal so I'm not listing it among my personal goals is to plan a road trip around the mid west over the summer (my husband's idea actually). Our tentative plan it to possibly drive up through Missouri, Ohio (maybe), and Illinois all the way up to Chicago. My husband really wants to do this so it will probably happen...unless an anticipated wedding occurs this summer for a certain family member of his (sorry to be vague, but I don't want to jinx it, haha). Either way, I want to be involved in planning this so I can make sure my summer doesn't suck. :P

That's it. Of course if I can accomplish more that would be great, but it's a start. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year! :D


Yes, I am alive! There's just a lot going on, which isn't much of a surprise this time of year. So...here's a little update:

I've been less stressed this Christmas and able to get more done so that's good. I sent out all of my Christmas cards (hope I didn't forget anyone!) and I'm almost done with shopping. I just need to pick up one more thing for the husband and I'm waiting for him to tell me what to get for my in-laws. Every year this task falls to me and I finally put my foot down this year. "They are your family," I insisted and told me it's too stressful for me to have to figure out what to get. I don't mind being the one to go out and buy it, but they are his parents so therefore it makes more sense to me that the ideas of what to get are his. Yeah, he still hasn't given me any ideas except photos, which isn't a bad idea but he really needed to have come up with this sooner instead of yesterday. Now there's no time for that so I made him try again. :P He may not come up with anything in time but I'm determined to let that be his problem and not mine (although I will probably still be embarrassed if it comes to that).

Speaking of the in-laws, we will be leaving town to go visit them next week sometime, probably Wednesday or Thursday. We'll stay for about a week, we'll spend Christmas there but not New Years. I'm taking my lap top with me so I'll still be around. Not that it matters...I haven't been posting on LJ like I should, heh.

For Christmas my mom said she wants to help me get a new sewing machine. The main reason I've been so lazy about updating my store for the past six months is because of my old, clunky machine. So I decided I really just need to buckle down and get a new one. That's the plan for the new year and then I'm hoping to get back to work on my store and finally get some brand spankin' new stuff done. I'd also like a serger...but I've never used one, nor do I know what to really look for when buying one so I'm not sure about that.

Oh! And I'm finally not sick anymore! :P I was sick over Thanksgiving and I got a round of antibiotics, but when I was done taking them my ear was still plugged up with fluid, not to mention my throat was still sore and I had a ton a drainage. Blah. I went back to the doctor and she put me on more (a different kind). After a few difficulties with some side effects I'm finally much better and today is the last day for those so I'm hoping I will be illness/medication free for the rest of the year at least.

The last day of school is tomorrow and my kids are thrilled about that. In fact my oldest son, who is a sophomore in high school, only has a half day today because of finals so in his mind it's extra good. Before leaving town I'm thinking I might take them to see "Tangled" because we've all been wanting to check that movie out. Well, there's a small list of movies we want to see but "Tangled" is at the top. We did see "Harry Potter" a few weeks ago.

On the dolly side of things, I really have no wish list. I suppose I would still like to get a PukiFee Pong eventually but I'm not in a rush. I would really like to pick one up second hand so I'm just being patient. I did sell one of my Dals though (Phoebe, my Rot Chan). I'm not sure Dals are really for me, but I can't part with my other one (Puki) just yet. Maybe I'll just end up keeping her as my "token Dal", haha. I am thinking I might try out an Isul but I want to see owner photos first. ;)

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Wow...I haven't written an LJ post this long in quite some time...but I'm finally done now. :P